People in my Neighbourhood

One of the biggest pros to living in Shanghai is meeting people from all over the world.  They have so many interesting stories and experiences to share.  China is not for the faint of heart and I’d love to use the People in my Neighbourhood section as a space to hear about people’s trials and successes of living here.  The stresses remain very similar across all industries. It’s definitely been character building for me and I’m stronger for it.

I thought if I love meeting these people and hearing their stories, perhaps you would, too.

I’ll be looking for people to volunteer to be featured.  I promise it will be painless.  No one is safe.  hehe

Stay tuned!

Only joy, only love,


2 thoughts on “People in my Neighbourhood

  1. Michelle, I’m living reading your blog. A little different than growing up in Wedgewood Park huh? The experiences will be something you and your girls will never forget. Keep on writing!


  2. It’s a bit different than Wedgwood Park haha. Thanks for reading. I’m having fun 🙂


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