Reasons why I love living in Shanghai. 

The first post in my gratitude section. Why I love living in Shanghai! 

1. That my little family gets to live in the same city together. We did 4 years with Glenn traveling back and forth to China and it wasn’t fun or ideal for any of us. 

2. Our family gets to experience and appreciate living in a totally different culture.

3. The quality of education that our girls are getting.

4. The incredible people I am meeting and learning from.  

5. The way China challenges and tests me constantly but is teaching me to know myself better (the good, the bad and the ugly:-) and is keeping me striving to be the best person I can be. 

6. Living away from family and friends has made me appreciate them even more than I did. I just love the beautiful quality time we spend together in the summer. Making memories.

7. The joy I get from making a Chinese person smile and laugh when I attempt to joke with them in mandarin. It’s the best. Haha

8. And ….the dumplings 🙂 delish! 

I’m choosing wisely. 

Only joy, only love,


2 thoughts on “Reasons why I love living in Shanghai. 

  1. Hi, It is great reading your bloggers, it’s like your right here, what a great life. Tina x


  2. Love. A truly amazing experience for you and your family. xo


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