28 Day Body Awakening cleanse 

This post gives an update on my self care goals and some info on the cleanse I’m on. So many people have been asking me about it that I wanted to share some information. 

So my cleanse hasn’t arrived in the mail yet so I couldn’t start officially on Thursday but really, I’ve been doing it all week without a couple items that I don’t already own. It’s been a good week and I feel like I’ve eased into my healthy lifestyle successfully, with a couple glasses of red wine on the way. I have already lost the Christmas pounds ☺ so I’m feeling better already. I never went to the gym this week but it is scheduled in for next week! It’s happening! I cannot wait to swim laps. I really needed this week to plan and I accomplished so much and also hung out with some pretty cool people….always good for the soul. I did do yoga at home though….which I loved and will continue to do! 

People have been asking me about the 28 Day cleanse that I am doing and I want to clarify that it is NOT a liquid or juice cleanse and I actually eat a lot on this plan. With the added pollution exposure from living in China, it is even more important to take care of my health and do this for my body. Here’s a little excerpt explaining the cleanse from the Body Awakening cleanse guide because who better to explain it than them.

“This gentle cleansing program has been designed to take you through a slow and steady protocol with the goal of shifting to life-long healthy habits. It is my hope for you to achieve improved and long lasting health. Food is truly medicine! Following this program is a commitment to yourself to clear the junk from you diet, cleanse your body of old waste, replenish your cells with nutrients from high quality foods and supplements and promote mind/body wellness. You will not only feel the difference but you will also see it.

During the 28 day period we will help you remove external food sources of toxins while slowly breaking food addictions. The food recommendations I have made focus on those that support the liver, our main organ of detoxification, as well as those that help elimination of waste through the colon. The supplements in this program will further ad these functions while also helping repopulate your GI tract with healthy bacteria.”

The cleanse also emphasizes the importance of hydration, sleep, exercise and stress management and suggests habits like shutting down electronics by 8:30pm at night. It really is a lifestyle cleanse, so easy to do and becomes a habit in the 28 days.  

So if you’re interested, you should check them out. I already love their products. http://www.body-awakening.net If you have any questions, you can email Jessica (jessica@bodyawakeing.net) who is a nutritionist consultant and co founder of Body Awakening. She is a wealth of knowledge and has always happily answered my many questions about her products ☺ . She’s quite a resource. 
Until next time.

Only joy, only love,

Michelle xo

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