What a smile…

Photo credit: Katie Kinsella

My friend, Katie Kinsella, and I were sitting outside a pub having a pint last St. Patrick’s Day and this lady walked by. At first she was giving us the hard stare but once we said “ni hao” she gave us this huge smile. She told us, in Chinese, that she was 98. I misunderstood and repeated 68 and she quickly corrected me. Very proud. Every time I see this picture I smile. I must get it enlarged and hang it in my home. She’s such a cutie.

This is a girl that I met at Shanghai Brewery last week. She was in town for business and just kept talking to me and asking me questions about Canada and how we like living in Shanghai. I think she wanted to practice her English. When she asked for a selfie with me, I asked to take one with my camera, too. I’m going to do that from now on. There are a lot of pictures of me and my family floating around China. They love their selfies. 😂😂

Happy Monday!

Only joy, only love,



4 thoughts on “What a smile…

  1. Love it😁😍


  2. Love this post! 3 beautiful ladies. 3 beautiful smiles. Amazing how a smile can break down barriers and help us connect and communicate. The world needs more smiles. Xo


    1. Absolutely Momma! The world does need more smiles. xo


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