The stats

I just love writing this blog. It has helped keep me focused and helped me find my voice and place in this crazy busy city. I feel like I’m buzzing all the time and it’s an incredible feeling. I’m sleeping better and I’m calmer all around. We’ve had a lot of challenges over the past few years but my home and family are truly happy and working in sync again.  It’s a beautiful thing. 😃

One of the cool features of WordPress is that I can see the stats on my posts. The stat I love the most is where it tells me the countries where people are reading. I just love connecting with all of you. It makes my world feel smaller and definitely more joyful. 

Check out my country stats on today’s post. How cool is that?! and everyone is mostly still asleep in North America. 

If you like reading my blog, I’d love it if you would follow it and sign up to receive my posts by email. Never miss one again. 😂😂

Until next time…

Only joy, only love,



Update: I’m up to 9 countries now. Who’s in Singapore? Or do you think it may just be different VPNs?

6 thoughts on “The stats

  1. Great blog Michelle.
    Love reading your China observations and experiences and that your documenting this Shanghai lifestyle we are all experiencing.
    We are so happy to be part of the Antles life and adventures in Asia.


    1. Love having you guys as part of our adventure! ❤❤


  2. Thank you for letting us all be a part of it! There is never a dull moment here, we are so lucky to have these experiences. Sharing the time with lovely families like yours make the adventure all the better.

    Looking forward to your next post..

    Siobhan Brown


  3. Love this blog. Now if only I can log into it correctly


    1. Hi Aunt May, If you go to the right hand side of my page, there is a “follow my blog by email” icon. Click that and it should work. ❤❤


      1. It worked! Thanks Michelle


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