West Mountain Environmental Hot Pot deliciousness 

Glenn runs a small Canadian environmental company called West Mountain Environmental that transfers Canadian environmental technologies to China for both soil and sludge treatment. He has a small but fierce team on the ground who are working tirelessly to make this company successful. It’s exciting to build a business in China. Everything does seem to take longer here and it is a marathon, not a sprint but after 6 years of working in China, they are really earning a reputation as a company that has high standards and operates with integrity. I’m so very proud of Glenn and his team. The year of the rooster is going to be a good year! 

In the past we’ve gone out to a restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year we decided to invite everyone and their families to our home and order in hot pot, which is like fondue. It was fabulous and so easy as they dropped everything off and then picked it up again when we were finished!  It meant that we could really enjoy our guests without having to work too much. The kids were able to play and relax and it was lovely spending time with them all. There was a lot of laughter. 

The year of the Rooster. Jack works so hard to support the West Mountain projects. He is an outstanding project engineer. He and his sweet 3 year old son, 豆豆dou dou, came from Wuxi to be with us. Lisa, Julia and Georgia hanging out Georgia loved not being the youngest. She took her job to take care of him very seriously. Julia and Lisa had so much fun playing together. They are the same age. Chris is Glenn’s right arm, left arm and both legs!  😂😂 Seriously, she is a saviour for him and always goes above and beyond for the company and our whole family. ❤❤Steve is in SH from Vancouver. He’s the VP of Business Development. We always love when he comes over for work. Steve, if you’re reading this I have to ask….when are you going to bring Louise over with you?? 😁😁So much food!  Beef, veggies, shrimp, fish balls and tofu. All ridiculously good. We had two types of broth-normal and super spicy. The spicy was delicious and I couldn’t stop eating it but my whole mouth was on fire! Yummy! The lady wearing the green shirt is our Ayi.  Her English name is Lucky and I tell you what….we are so lucky to have her working for our family. The girls love her and she bring a beautiful energy into our home!  I have a feeling she will be with our family for a very long time! ❤❤

We had to be reminded of what the characters meant. From top to bottom they mean Luck, Longevity, Health and Peace. 

I had to hang some decorations outside our home too. Love the red!

For those of you in Shanghai, I highly recommend this hot pot restaurant. It is called  Hai Di Lao海底捞 and they have several locations around Shanghai. It’s a fun experience in your home and again….so easy. 

That’s all for now! More CNY pics coming up this week. 

Only joy, only love,



6 thoughts on “West Mountain Environmental Hot Pot deliciousness 

  1. Fabulous!


  2. Thanks for letting me in on your blog. The evening with the delicious food and decoration is quite beautiful. The team has been at it for a while and it’s nice to see progress and signs of success. China is a tough place to build a business especially for foreigners. Your and the girls being there to share his adventure sustains him and has been essential.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you, Tim! Your support and guidance has been huge for Glenn. He loves your nightly chats. ❤


  3. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!! Hai Di Lao has a couple of restaurants in Nanjing, too! We used to love going there for the food and the fantastic service! Happy Chinese New Year to you guys! We miss you!!


    1. We miss you guys too. Let’s make sure to have a visit this summer!


  4. Awesome!!! Did I spot a little bottle of Lambs Rum in those pics? Loving this blog friend!


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