Happy Year of the Rooster! ❤❤

This is one of the people in my neighborhood. He and Glenn had a great chat yesterday on the street. Sweet man. Chinese people love children and are always so happy to meet ours. 

This is our first year we’ve stayed in Shanghai for Chinese New Year as I have to say that I just love it. The streets are quiet but the people that are here are in an excellent mood. I actually walked out in the middle of Hongmei lu to take this picture. No scooters or cars around at all!  

We also met this cutie who was very interested in meeting our friend’s dog, Normie. ❤❤

Today we are going to the home of one of Glenn’s business associates for a traditional Chinese New Year meal. It is on Chongming Island which is about an hour drive from where we live. I’ve heard it is beautiful there so I’m looking forward to seeing it. I can’t wait to meet the family and experience their traditions. I’m pretty sure there’s a blog post coming up on this experience 😁😁

新年好! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. The year of the rooster is going to be incredible.  

Until next time!

Only joy, only love,




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I am a Canadian from Newfoundland and Labrador who has done a lot of moving around and has some pretty amazing experiences. I currently live in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada with the love of my life and partner in crime and our two beautiful and incredibly special daughters. (Totally biased but I'm cool with that). I started this blog because I wanted a space to share the people, places and things that bring me joy and give me a good laugh. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy! Only joy, only love. Michelle xo

3 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Rooster! ❤❤”

  1. I absolutely adored talking to that man! I only understood about 20% of what he was saying but I think he enjoyed speaking with me also. It’s been fun embracing the Chinese culture this holiday season. Loving the blog babes!

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