Super Bowl at Bubbas Texas BBQ and sushi at Hikari 

It’s Super Bowl Monday here in Shanghai and Bubbas opened up at 6am and aired the Super Bowl. While I had full intentions of staying home and getting organized, I ended up at Bubbas for the second half of the game 😂😂 We were there with our friends Nikki, Ryan, Katie and Katie’s new puppy, Lucy. Nikki and her mom showed up at 6:15am to save a table. That’s dedication!! Also S pecial thanks to Bubbas for opening up early! 

When the game finished we headed down to Hikari for some sushi. Hikari has been closed for several weeks while they were renovating and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its reopening. The sushi is incredible and the owner, Lucine, is lovely. She has one of the best smiles in Shanghai. I already can’t wait until our next visit. If you’re in Shanghai, check out Hikari. 

I took some photos to show you the beautiful space and food. 

Just another Monday in Shanghai. 😂😂  Have a beautiful week. 
Until next time!

Only joy, only love,



1 thought on “Super Bowl at Bubbas Texas BBQ and sushi at Hikari 

  1. That game was really exciting! It must have been watching it in Bubbas with friends so far away! The sushi looked good too. Thanks for your blog.


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