The 1st of many posts from the ‘Easy and Wonderful Tea Shop’ Series

China has a beautiful Tea Culture and Glenn and I have certainly embraced it since we moved here. And really, all Newfoundlanders love a drop of tea. We’ve taken our interest to an entirely new level recently as Glenn purchased a ‘tea table’ for the office outside our master bedroom.  We are enjoying the process of making the tea; from scooping the tea leaves to pouring the water at the perfect temperature.  It is very calming.  When I was in Thailand, Glenn and the girls stopped into the Easy and Wonderful tea shop on the 3rd floor of the Hongqiao Pearl City Market and spent some time with the owner, Heidi.  What a lovely woman! They learned a lot, made some purchases and promised to bring me there as soon as I returned.

I met Heidi this week and spent some time in her shop drinking tea and learning some tidbits of information.  My favourite quote that she said was “China makes everything and sends the good stuff to the rest of the world…..except tea. The good tea stays in China”. How lucky are we to get to enjoy and learn about this. When we were ready to leave the store, I felt so completely relaxed… I had just had a massage.  The energy was so zen that it wiped all my tension away.  It was a beautiful experience.  One that I’m planning to repeat again and again.  Heidi has agreed to teach myself and Glenn all about Chinese tea and the tea culture after hours in her shop.  I am going to write a whole series of posts that will focus on what we are learning and we’ll post videos, lots of photos and tons of interesting information.

We have been drinking Heidi’s special tea that she developed called “Healthy Tea”.  It is a blend of scented tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea in perfect proportions for maximum health benefits according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I also love her black ginger tea and red rose tea.  So many teas… little time. 😂😂

Here are some photos from our visit with Heidi this week.

The shop owner, Heidi, and myself. She is a beautiful person and has over 20 years experience in the tea business.
Heidi’s tea table has so many pretty dishes and she prepares every cup of tea with such care and precision.
Tea cups have always been a favourite of mine so this store is right up my alley.  The tins that the tea leaves come in are so pretty too.  IMG_5603IMG_5621IMG_5605


This is our new tea table. The whole process from boiling the kettle and getting it to the perfect temperature to popping the top on the tin of tea and trying to eyeball 3g of tea on a hand crafted bamboo scoop.  The whole process is so ritualistic and calming and is quickly becoming a form of meditation for me.
I think pouring the water is my favourite part. The kettle pours in a perfect, laminar stream.  It’s very beautiful.
And finally, this is where I sit and write and drink my tea from a gift that Heidi gave me…..a dragon cup because my Chinese horoscope sign is the dragon. I treasure it.

Glenn and I are both excited for this project.  Hope you’ll follow along.

Until next time!

Only joy, only love,


5 thoughts on “The 1st of many posts from the ‘Easy and Wonderful Tea Shop’ Series

  1. Great post! Love the tea table


  2. I love you and your outlook on life. How did I become so blessed to have you as a friend!!! Xx


  3. Very cool! I love the kettle – so much more precise than ours in NA. Esp love the water right into the kettle!


  4. Such beautiful pictures. Reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures is very calming. Thank you, Michelle. xo


  5. Elizabeth Barnes March 10, 2017 — 10:41 pm

    Wonderful. i’ll be following your adventure.


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