YCIS International Food and Culture Fair

We had a beautiful day on Saturday for the International Food and Culture Fair at the girl’s school, YCIS Hongqiao. Our family headed up the Canadian Booth and sold out of poutine in two hours!  It was a hit. We had tattoos and flags donated by the Canadian Consulate here in Shanghai and the kids loved getting them put on. Georgia was covered in them from head to toe. Not so much fun scrubbing them off the next day. 😜

We were also sponsored by Purity Factories from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. We served Purity Syrup, which is a sweet concentrate that you mix with water. It was a huge hit as well and we even had to use our personal stash bottle that my mother in law sent us that was meant for display purposes only. My children (and husband) were not impressed. 😂😂. I will admit that the jam jam cookies that they donated went to Glenn when he was in hospital for 9 days. He did share with all the nurses and doctors at Shanghai United. Special thanks to Purity Factories for supporting our family and bringing a little bit of Newfoundland and Labrador to Shanghai. 

The event started out with a parade of all the counties and music by the Shanghai Big Band. They are an amateur Japanese Big band and they were incredible!  I could have listened to them all day. I have to mention that it was also my father’s birthday that day and he and Mom spent it volunteering with us at the food fair. It was so nice to have them there with us. 

Glenn was in his wheelchair but he had no problem getting around and trying out all the food at every different booth. Every time I caught him in my perpherial, he was sitting in his wheelchair with a different plate of food in front of him. It was hilarious. I guess he got his appetite back. He also brought his guitar and rocked out from the booth. 

There were 15 countries represented and it was a colorful and delicious day! I love seeing the pride people feel representing their home country. It really brings the school community together and all proceeds go to a local charity called Seeds of Hope. They support and help developing schools in rural China. 

So it was a feel good day and I think we represented and brought the small but mighty Canadian YCIS family together. Looking forward to next year. I must give kudos to Carol Mao for doing an amazing job at organizing this event. She is a perfect fit as the Parent Relations Officer at the school. 

Here are some photos from our beautiful day. 

Our first customer was a Canadian from Quebec. She approved of the poutine 😀

Seriously, I think he tried every booth! 

And Carol Mao just sent me these two photos…..photo credit : YCIS Marketing Team 

Thanks for reading! Until next time. 

Only joy, only love,



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