Happy Father’s Day

I have three amazing fathers in my life. My dad, Kevin Smith in Newfoundland, Glenn’s dad, Poppy JJ, who is already on the other side, and the love of my life, Glenn.

I’ll start with my dad. I was dad’s buddy growing up and still am. I was the third daughter so he was really hoping for a Michael but it wasn’t mean to be.  Even so, I was kind of the boy he never had. Always hanging out with him, chopping wood, camping out in torrential rainstorms and out on the water in the boat fishing. Most of my favorite childhood memories are at the cabin in Spread Eagle, NL, with my dad.  (and yes, that is what it’s really called and is my dad’s birthplace 😂😂). He bought me a tomahawk for Christmas one year and gave me my first tool kit. Even in high school I would call him every afternoon at work just to chat…..so much so that I still remember the phone number. You are so loved, Dad. Thank you for being an incredible role model in every way to me and the girls.

Glenn’s dad, Joe Antle, was a kind and loving man. He owned a gas station known as “Antle’s Irving” and I knew him as a child when I regularly visited there with my dad…..again, hanging out with dad. Joe worked hard his whole life and raised his beloved family of 6. I really loved him and always knew how much he loved me. He told me once to never loose my spark. I can still hear him saying it and it helps me when that spark is dimming slightly. We miss him but talk about him regularly and will visit him the summer “where he is planted”. That’s what the 4 year old Julia called his grave.

And to my partner in crime and absolute love of my life, Glenn. This roller coaster of a life we are living is made better every day with you by my side. After 16 years together, I am proud of our life we are building and the way we are living it together. With so much love, respect, laughter and growth. And our girls….we made them and they are pretty darn incredible. You are an amazing father and husband. Thank you for all you do for our family.

All 3 of these men have many things in common but the biggest one is  the strong love for their families and the people in their lives. The girls and I are blessed to have you all.
Father’s Day is well underway here in Shanghai. Glenn enjoyed a sleep in while the girls and I cooked breakfast. I basically just watch now while the girls prepare it. They love being in the kitchen. Breakfast in bed, morning cuddles and giggles were a perfect way to start the day!  Julia even ran to Starbucks, by herself, to pick us up coffees. This was a first to go by herself and she was so excited…and a little bit nervous. They are growing up so fast! Glenn and the girls are gone to hit some golf balls now which gave me some time to write this blog.
To all the incredible fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day!  Keep rocking on.

I wanted to share some photos of these 3 dads.

Until next time!

Only joy, only love,



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