I feel free!

I feel free.  Free some stress, free from work, free from children saying “mama, mama, mama” 18 million times a day and free from packing and unpacking boxes. I am here in my house in St. John’s and my daughters are having a fun sleepover at their grandmother’s house.  Thank you, Maggie! Glenn arrives home in a few hours and he has not been home for 2 years.  It’s time for a rest. My house is still in the slings but I don’t give a rat’s ass. It will all get done. I feel free that the chapter of the past 7 years is closing and a new experience beginning. I also feel grateful that we even experienced that chapter because without it, there could not be the next one. I am so pumped for our future.

Over the past few days, the front door of my house has been opening and closing so frequently it feels like I live in an old-time saloon. It’s been wicked. Friends and family dropping in for a coffee while they are out running errands and kids running around like crazy people. And while there hasn’t been much “spare time”,  I have stolen a few moments here and there to sit and relax and just be.  Summer is here!

I also feel free because I went to Costco today.  After being in China for three years, I almost wept with joy when I entered Costco today.  It has everything…no hunting and gathering like it can sometimes feel in Shanghai. Especially when you have nothing in your pantry and no cleaning supplies. Oh I have missed Costco and I avoided it like the plague before I left for China.  I had both of my girls with me and we had a cartload of stuff (I could have bought a ridiculous amount more but I had to remain focused on essentials!)  and it was still a pleasurable shopping experience. Bonus – there were no dried pig faces and not one person banged into me with their cart and they still apoligized. I love Canadians. The Carrefour in Shanghai has given me perspective.

Here are some photos from a couple years ago of my oldest daughter. The progression of photos says it all.  haha


That’s all for now. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are having an incredible day/night.

Until next time!

Only joy, only love,



2 thoughts on “I feel free!

  1. Hey, we were at Costco today, too! It’s nice to shop normal, isn’t it?


  2. Nice Michelle. Hi to Mr. Glenn!


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