More Sleeping Beauty submissions

Happy Friday (in China anyway)!

Below are some more Sleeping Beauty photos to share taken by my beautiful friends, Katie Kinsella and Siobhan Brown.

Anyone feel like a nap?  If I feel asleep in any of these positions, I’d wake up with a stiff neck and not be able to move it.  They are just so flexible 😉 haha

photo credit: Katie Kinsella

photo credit: Katie Kinsella

photo credit: Siobhan Brown
Enjoy and remember to email any photos you would like shared on this blog to Looking forward to seeing them!


First photo submission for Sleeping Beauties

My dear friend, Nicole Newcomb, took these photos in our ‘hood. Always a good time for a nap. 

I also had a story submission from an expat who said the lifeguard is always asleep at their compound pool…..but I’m working on photos of that one. 😃😃

Sleeping Beauties

Never before have I seen so many people taking naps everywhere over the city. I mean, everywhere.  I have dedicated this section to the Sleeping Beauties of China.  This page was inspired by my friends Cris and Krista whom I know share the same admiration for these images.

So many of you have amazing pics of our Sleeping Beauties and I would love to share them here for you.  The world needs more of this. haha  Email any images with photographer credit to with a short description of the photo.  This is going to be a riot.


I took this photo outside of Ikea.  You should see what it’s like inside Ikea….more posts to follow on this!

Only joy, only love,